The eHub is part of a research study. The study aims to make it easy for families to find the care they need to thrive. This is why the eHub was developed: to be a digital service that families can use to find care anywhere and at any time.

Who is leading the study?

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Sydney Local Health District
Ingham Institute
Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Curve Tomorrow
University of Sydney
University of New South Wales
North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
IPC Health
National Health and Medical Research Council
Sydney Institute for Women, Children and their Families
Centre for Research Excellence for Integrated Health and Social Care

What is this study about?

The study will investigate if the eHub can connect families to the right information, supports, or services when they need it. It will also explore if the eHub helps to promote children's mental health and wellbeing.

Anyone can use the eHub. However, at the moment, the study is seeking feedback from families who live in Wyndham Vale (VIC), Marrickville (NSW) or Fairfield (NSW). If you are from one of these areas, and have a child aged from birth to 12 years old, we’d love to hear from you. Have your say to help us make the eHub the best it can be.

Frequently asked questions

The eHub is for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 12 years old. It has lots of information and local services to help with parenting and child health and wellbeing issues. It's a digital ‘one stop shop’ where you can find all the help and support you need in one place.

It’s normal to be unsure about how to tackle the challenges that pop up for your family. The eHub is here to help. Our eHub can help you find a pathway to the information and services you need.

No. This website can’t diagnose a condition. The website can connect you with helpful tips and services. The eHub also helps to link you with local professional support. Health professionals such as doctors and psychologists can talk with you about diagnosing a condition.

We welcome any feedback on the eHub. Please email us at:

You’re welcome to share the eHub with your friends and family. Individuals who have a child aged 0–12 years and are living in Wyndham Vale (VIC), Marrickville (NSW) or Fairfield (NSW) are able to take part in the evaluation.

The eHub has many ways for you to find trustworthy information and care. We work with to bring you parenting tips by experts. They know a lot about child health and development, parenting and mental health. You can get advice direct from health professionals. Or you can find and talk to others who have gone through similar things. The eHub only works with partners who want to give families the best care and information.
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